About Sneaky Bones

"I'm going to give it 10 records and then I'll disappear," Bean jokes. After releasing his 4th LP LITTLE WORDS, Matthew Bean (who goes by the moniker Sneaky Bones) is almost halfway there. "Things are growing, slowly, but I don't mind – someone asked me what my goal was with music and one word popped into my head – longevity." Bean has been gathering a fanbase around the world, having completed three extensive tours of Europe, two inter-island tours across New Zealand, and a scattering of shows across the western US and Canada in between. With every tour, more merch disappears, rooms fill up and sell out, and most importantly, the music continues to grow.

"Once I booked my first tour across Europe in 2017, I was hooked," Bean remarks. Those long stints in foreign lands allowed Bean and his collaborators to hone in on a sound and engage listeners purely through the calibre of music. "Europe was the first time I ever played rooms where some people didn't speak much English and it was such a beautiful experience to connect with an audience purely through our sound." Bean says he takes that experience onto paper as he writes now, crafting songs that are music forward and lyrically supportive.

Time away from home also informed a lot of the songwriting on LITTLE WORDS. "Life was pretty tumultuous after recording STRANGERS and some of that chaos seeped into my songwriting on LITTLE WORDS," Bean explains, "but, LITTLE WORDS has a new continuity because the songs were mostly written back-to-back, in a much shorter time frame than previous records." Bean, still completely independent, doesn't take to the fanfare of release calendars and endless online chatter because, "it’s not why I make music." Those who get it, will get it and those who know, will know. And in true form, he silently released LITTLE WORDS in May of 2020 at the height of the chaos.

Then it was back into the studio. "I spent the fall of 2020 living in France and diving down the electronic music rabbithole," Bean explains. "A close friend died in late 2019 and left behind a massive and profound body of unfinished work in the form of scrambled ableton sessions. The pause that 2020 imposed was my gateway into midi, synths, sequencers, drum machines, filter boxes, and other various robots that now occupy every inch of free space in my tiny home studio." So although Sneaky Bones might have been on pause, Bean was working more than ever. "Designing patches and figuring out how to link my entire studio together via midi and cv kept me up at night -- my bedtime reading was synth manuals, it was a little crazy, but it has completely changed the way I think about music, and the way I make music."

The fifth Sneaky Bones record currently resides across a few 1/4" reels, scattered amongst ambient sketches, Berlin-school sagas, and ratcheting drum machine electronica. "I have no idea where this is headed or what it's going to sound like or even what form it's going to take, and that makes me more excited than I've ever been about making music."



Little Words
Strangers I've Already Met
High as the stars
dream of the end

Tour Dates

back on the road in 2023